Very soon I will be posting a vision statement. This statement expresses beliefs I have held for more than two decades. That said, over time, while endeavoring to put the principles behind the vision into practice, some developments and refinements to what I believed occurred.

So in November of 2003, after about a decade of practical experience, I wrote that document. It was designed to be a vision statement for a fellowship of believers gathering with specific principles in view. Unfortunately, very few caught this vision, and as is the course of life in our culture, people either moved away or just moved on. So attempts to plant such a fellowship here didn’t take.

Afterward, my wife and I sought out fellowship in a local church. That was about eight years ago, and now that church has closed its doors, so we are once again at a crossroads regarding fellowship. Should we try once again to cast vision for a fellowship that does outreach and body life as we understand it from the Scriptures?

As we ask the Lord about this, I am reminded that one means He uses to reveal His will for our lives comes through other Christians. God may not tell you to tell me what to do, but He may very well use you to teach me, to challenge me, or to confirm what He is already saying to me.

So as I said at the outset, very soon I will be posting this vision statement on my website. Because it’s a dozen years old, I will be tweaking it some, but any revisions will probably be very slight. So after reading the vision statement, if you believe the Lord would have you say something to me, then I want to hear it. So please read it, and then let’s talk.

Larry G. Overton

June 3, 2015