Today I had my Thursday gig at Garden Estates. My singing partner Gail also knew about the yard sale at the Corpus Christi Birth Center, and brought some donations. Thanks again, Gail. Actually, I guess I’m thanking her for adding arranging with my honey to add to my “Honey do” list, so really, thanks for nothing, Gail! (Kidding.)

So I got home from the gig, and Beth and her apprentices had already been at work clearing out stuff from our attic. (Thank you, Kendra & Grace.) Got all my gear out of my SUV, as well as Gail’s donations, and headed over to pick up more donations, this time from someone Beth was in choir with in her youth. Also, we all went to the same high school. (We are the fighting Texans!) Thank you too, Debbie, for the furniture.

Now I’m not a furniture guy. I could tell it was solid, well made furniture in very good condition, but I had no idea what style it was, let alone what it was worth. I often suffer sticker shock when we have to shop for furniture. Beth later told me it was French provincial. I did some online research and was once again shocked. What a generous gift that hopefully will bless some yard sale bargain hunter and a future Corpus Christi Birth Center client who will receive a birth grant as a result of this sale.